The purpose of the EDI practicals is to help you to:
  • Learn the Handel-C hardware development language.
  • Become familiar with the FPGA development environment and the EDI FPGA boards.
  • Start thinking about the way that hardware is implemented on FPGAs, and which constructs are cheap and which are expensive in terms of logic usage.
  • Learn how to engineer the architecture of a solution to exploit the parallelism available.
You might not have time to finish all of these practicals and their associated extensions before the start of the assessment. Still, you should aim to complete as many as you feel would be useful to you. If any aspects of the practicals are unclear, please ask Neil or a demonstrator to explain.

List of practicals

These practicals should be attempted in order as they build on knowledge from the previous practicals.


The EDI Development Pack -
The EDI Microblaze Development Pack -
How to fix Xflow hanging
Remote working and using the tools in the Software labs
Using the UART
The EDI Handel-C interface
The EDI Microblaze interface
Xilinx Spartan 3e Datasheet
Ethernet Tips