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Real-Time Systems Lab Wiki

This wiki contains the documentation for all the components and systems in the Real-Time Systems Research Group Laboratory at the University of York. We are part of the Department of Computer Science and are located on the Heslington East campus. Our publications are listed by Google Scholar.

Experiment Source Code/Raw Data

Experiment source code and raw data for selected publications is available on the RTS Lab Wiki. Internal users can also access them via subversion.

Other Documentation

Use the navigation menu on the left to access the other documents on the wiki.

Current Notices

29/01/16 - Beginning migration of some pages to York Wiki Service
13/04/15 - Assessment information for EMBS 2015 added.
02/02/15 - EMBS 2015 module pages added.
25/11/14 - JUNIPER Rack information added.
21/04/14 - Assessment information for EMBS 2014 added.
09/09/13 - Full list of FPGAs added
04/03/13 - Assessment information for EMBS 2013 added.
18/12/12 - Blueshell pages added.
23/01/12 - Experiment source code added to wiki.
03/11/11 - Lab demos (for open days, visitors, etc.) documented
20/10/11 - Network topology reconfigured
12/04/11 - Migration to wikispaces begins ...
04/03/10 - Academic licence for Petalinux 0.40 obtained.
23/11/09 - Mason is online, Cynthia becomes a virtual machine.
21/10/09 - Moved from wiki.rtslab.cs.york.ac.uk domain to www.cs.york.ac.uk/rts/rtslab/.
04/10/09 - EDI web pages added
29/01/09 - Migration to MediaWiki
27/01/09 - The wiki is online, albeit short of information